Sunday, November 11, 2012

It's a Beautiful Day at Mt Sac

Yesterday dawned clear and bright, but the topic being discussed at Mt Sac was dark and gloomy. The evil of human trafficking is black as night. Still a few rays of light and hope bursts forth among the efforts of those fighting to abolish it. More than 400 students cared enough to get up early on a Saturday morning to learn about modern-day slavery--the dangers of it and what's being done to eradicate it. Teachers who gave extra credit for attendance deserve extra credit for the great turnout. There was an overflow crowd with people waiting to get in!

I represented Transform LA and Traffick Free Pomona. Other speakers included several representatives from LINK: Liberty for North Korea, Jocelyn White representing International Justice Mission and Karisma Kim representing Kids Making Change. There were a few discussions afterward about an ongoing relationship between Traffick Free Pomona and Mt Sac. Creating partnerships to abolish modern-day slavery makes for a beautiful day.

Students were promised the links to my two You-Tube videos. It was disappointing that we couldn't get them to play during my presentation. The first is the trailer for San Bernardino County's documentary.

The second is from GEMS.

For anyone who wants to continue learning more about what's happening, please subscribe to this blog and we'll do our best to keep you informed. And, please keep us informed about what you're doing to make it a beautiful day in the neighborhood.

If you're a Mt Sac student (or attended the event), what was the most interesting thing you learned in the seminar?

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