Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The SuperHeroes Among Us

It's about 3:00 a.m. and Rob Myers sits in the Suburban, alone. Following a rave, masses of kids cross Target's parking lot in front of his vehicle. A group of young adults stop. One girl sticks her head in the open window.

"Are you a taxi?"

"No," Rob answers.

"Can we pay you to take us to our hotel?"

"No," Rob responds, "but I'll take you for free."

A boy named Mateo asks, "Really?" Why?"

"It's what we do," says Rob.

Later when they tried again to offer him money, Rob said, "Please don't do that . . .  because this is a free gift, from me to you. . . .because you are precious. . . . and because God loves you so much."

That's the message PLUR Life Ministries gives. Two teams, led by Rob and Colleen Myers, attend raves and pass out kandi—beaded bracelets with the letters PLUR on them—to thousands of kids. At the same time they watch for the most vulnerable girls, who are searching in all the wrong places for Peace, Love, Unity, and Respect. Some find it for a few moments during drug-induced sex, while others increase their risk of becoming enslaved by pimps. Gang members watch and wait for a girl who may be isolated. Perhaps she bought a counterfeit ticket online. Perhaps she got kicked out due to an Ecstasy overdose. She may be alone and terrified in a dark parking lot.

At least until Rob and Colleen Myers or their team members appear. These genuine superheroes are fearless, determined, and, kind. Even when a girl is puking her guts out after overdosing on E—a woman on Plur Life's team holds her in loving arms, strokes her hair, and tells her, "You are precious."   

After the girl gets the drug out of her system, she may want to know more. The kandi on her wrist directs her to Plur's web site. When she visits, she'll see Rob (in a video) describing how to find the ongoing peace, love, unity, and respect offered by Jesus Christ. She'll also discover how to stay in touch with those who care so much.

Do you care enough to make kandi (they need thousands upon thousands of these beaded bracelets)? Or to volunteer or donate? It's one way you can fight against the travesty of modern-day slavery.

P.S. Rob recently said they are now seeing pimps trafficking girls into the rave to meet the demands of the many young men who attend. Please spread the word to young adults--prostitution is not a victimless crime. Most of these girls started in "the life," between 12 and 14 years of age. They are children unable to give consent for sex by law. They are victims of a terrible crime.

THANK YOU for making this team effort possible. We handed out around 2,000 kandi and so far we have shared the Gospel with 486 hits on our website from this outreach! 

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