Thursday, January 3, 2013

2013, The Year to Get Involved

It's a new year. It's also January--National Human Trafficking Awareness Month.

A newsletter from Plur Life Ministries made me more aware than ever of how important it is for everyone to know about risky behaviors practiced by our own daughters, nieces, and granddaughters--or maybe other teens right in our own neighborhoods.

On New Years Eve 2012, Rob & Colleen Myers led a team into "White Wonderland," a rave at Anaheim Convention Center that tens of thousands of young adults attended. Below are some excerpts (edited for brevity and clarity and used with permission) from their newsletter. See if you can spot the risky behavior traffickers are watching for--or maybe even a case of girls being trafficked.

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A text from Colleen: 11:50 p.m.  Our hearts just broke for the hundredth time . . . got to the side of a stage and gave bracelets to about 20 of the dancing girls about to go on stage wearing nothing on top except star stickers . . . up close they all looked alike . . . like clones . . . like they were purchased by someone who wanted all the same look . . . the two old men who were keeping them all together looked irritated as we hugged them and told them they are precious and valuable . . . we really need more moms to help us reach out to these girls . . . please pray for them. . . .

About 1:30, Colleen & Katie come out of the rave tired and worn down. Katie is limping from being on her feet so long. . . They hop in the Suburban to get some coffee. A very short break is interrupted by a girl alone on the street on the backside of the convention center. Once she is safely with her ride, we load Colleen and Katie up with another 1,500 kandi [bead bracelets] and by 2:a.m. they are back on the street passking out kandi to as many as they can. . . .

About 3:00 a.m., Colleen calls to say it's time to wrap it up and go home. . . . A few minutes later Colleen & Katie walk right past the Suburban with a young girl . . . they sat down on the curb about 30 feet in front of us. Dee had gotten separated from her boyfriend and was alone. So Colleen and Katie walked her back to the hotel drop off area. . . . I thought Colleen was out of Kandi, but she had one more. After several minutes of talking, I noticed Colleen was holding a bracelet and using it to share the Gospel. After she shared, Dee asked, "It's that easy? But isn't God mad at me?"

A few minutes later they were holding hands with heads bowed. Right there on the curb, Dee asked Jesus to be her Lord and Savior. . . . Dee now has a Bible and is going to need your prayers. . .


Tickets for this party were $133 each. Multiply that times 60,000. Music. Dancing. Drugs. Alcohol. Sex. A feast for the senses. And, just a small team of people from PlurLife Ministries offering peace, love, unity, and respect that lasts for eternity through Jesus Christ. More than 5,000 Kandi were given out and every single one was taken with gratitude.These beaded bracelets spell out the web site.

What is the potential for traffickers at an event like this? What's the potential for volunteers? How will you get involved in abolitionist efforts this year?

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