Saturday, August 24, 2013

Saved by a Spoon

A few days ago, my favorite theologian, Theology Mom Krista Bontrager, sent me a link to an article about teen girls hiding spoons in their underwear hoping to be stopped by airport security in London. They wanted to be rescued before being forced into marriage in their South Asian ancestral homelands.

Knowing I've been involved with human trafficking issues, Krista wondered if this story is true. She's a stickler for "Truth" and I'm grateful that she's taught me how to think better, not just buy into everything I read or hear.

My take on this situation stems from common sense, not hard facts. The natural outworking of  worldviews other than Christianity is the treatment of women as possessions. Naturalism is survival of the fittest. Anyone who is stronger and tougher can force those who are weaker and more vulnerable to do what they want. In other religious ideologies, the value of baby girls is still so low that they are slaughtered in countries like China and India; only boys matter. When those baby boys grow up, they still want a wife. So using logic it only makes sense that the  tremendous shortage of female brides makes it inevitable that girls will be sold into forced marriages either by their parents or human traffickers. The more disdain for life as created by God, the more pain and suffering we experience.

That's why "Ideology" is one of the global challenges being addressed by Transform World and Transform LA. A biblical worldview is not optional for true Christians. If we genuinely believe in Jesus, we are to follow Him--the Way, the Truth, and the Life that is the Light of men.

Each Christian has their own area of responsibilities and giftedness, but all of us are called to think--to make sure we're offering "truth" instead of lies. We must show how we value each life no matter how different a person may be from us, by holding fast to sound doctrine and knowing it well enough to promote what's good, pure, healthy, and just.

As "Theology Mom," Krista challenges many Christians to think better. And, thinking better leads to behaving better. She's a person who's good to know when it comes to developing a biblical worldview and putting it into practice. If each Christian does their part, perhaps we put an could end the trafficking of young girls. What do you think?

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