Monday, October 7, 2013

It's "Who" We Are

I haven't written a blog post for a few weeks because life kind of carried me away. I actually took a vacation and have also been helping my mom prepare for selling her place and moving closer to my sister and me. Besides that I've been working on a book, magazine and newspaper articles. Life, it can sure keep us busy.

But this morning, I watched a video that broke my heart. Once again I'm reminded that each Christian has a responsibility to make a difference. 

Praying with Transform LA board members Saturday morning reminded me once again of how critical it is for Christians to be transformed by God so they can do His work, His way. That's how we can best influence the world around us. Whether in Moldova or San Bernardino California, Christians need to reach out and care about those who need Jesus--from modern-day slaves to traffickers to those who use pornography and buy sex. Yet, I wonder if maybe too often, we're busy running after pleasure instead.

There's a lot of strategic planning that goes into a vacation, a party, a concert in a different city, a river trip. All those are great things. But they all take time and effort and money. So we can get relief from our day-to-day lives. Yet trafficking victims never get relief. Seven days a week, long hours each day their bodies are being sold. They are being beaten or raped. And, they wonder if anyone really cares.

Many people do things to help trafficking victims and those with a biblical worldview have the most to offer. Nonprofits like Forgotten Children reach out to girls to help them know why they are so valuable and that Jesus Christ, Almighty God Himself cares. (Be sure to watch the video on their web site.) Groups like Traffick Free Pomona work within their communities to educate, to reach girls at risk, to provide care for victims of this travesty and to introduce them to the God, who holds their futures in the palm of His hand..

At the same time, just meeting the needs of the victims will never stop the problem. Modern-day slavery continues to be nurtured in the incubators of our culture. Only by changing our self-absorbed, pleasure-seeking, sex-crazed culture can we begin to diminish the demand that will reduce the supply. Only by developing respect and value for each individual life from conception to grave can we begin to reduce the unthinkable treatment of children as commodities to be bought and sold. Only by being transformed ourselves can we hope to ever transform the world around us. And, only Jesus Christ can change us from the inside out to where we value people more than pleasure.

Christians from every sphere of society from churches to government to education to health care, to loving moms and dads and big brothers and sisters need to reach out to young girls and single moms so they have a place to turn when life gets hard. Boys and young men need to learn respect for themselves and for the girls they meet. This is where Transform LA's heart is: that each Christian would be so transformed that they reflect Jesus wherever they are--at work, at play, and even on vacation.

So I'm starting to think it may be time for this blog to broaden its focus more to the need for transformation than so much on the specifics of trafficking. If you have any suggestions, we'd love to hear what you think would help believers in Jesus Christ make it a beautiful day in the neighborhood.