Thursday, April 17, 2014

Easter and Modern-Day Slaves

Photo by Brad Shipcott
Have you wondered why this blog is called "A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood?" It's because of Easter.

The reality of Easter--a God who loved us enough to live, die, and rise again makes every day beautiful--no matter where a person lives or what her (or his) circumstances. Because Christ lives forevermore and helps us love our neighbors, hope rises like the sun.

That's what Transform LA is all about. Addressing the challenges of poverty, orphans, relationships, ideology, and human rights in every neighborhood--in every sphere of society. Whether you're a nurse, a Hollywood producer, a school teacher, an engineer, an entrepreneur, a writer, musician, construction worker--whatever your profession or calling--there's work to do that can transform our culture so human trafficking becomes unthinkable.. And, we're not big enough or smart enough to figure out how to do it all by ourselves. Only through the power of a risen Savior transforming each believer to be more like Jesus can we ever hope to abolish modern-day slavery. To think we can accomplish this by simply rescuing victims is like trying to put a band-aid on a growing cancer. We need the power of a God who raises the dead to new life.

In her guest blog for Ed Stetser, Carol Pipes, editor of Facts and Trends magazine, captured the essence of this message better than I possibly could, so I'll simply point you there. See "Love your Neighbor" and have a glorious Easter worshiping the one true living God.

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