Friday, May 30, 2014

More Valuable in Mexico

Shopping in Mexico can be tremendous fun with many super bargains readily available. But darker transactions also take place as traffickers convince American girls that they can make more money across the border. 

A story from my friends at Plur Life Ministries illustrates the allure and potency of this evil lie that entices girls away from their homes to places where they can't speak the language and have little hope of getting help. It's a ploy used around the world.
It was a little after midnight at a recent event when a volunteer mom was working the far edge of the parking lot. Strategically placed in the path of kids walking to their cars, she spotted two young men with a young woman. But they weren't leaving. Rather they were heading out into the field. 

The mom handed each a kandi (a colorful beaded bracelet that in this case spells out Plur Life's web site) which they received gladly. As the trio walked away, the mom assured the girl she was valuable. Without hesitation the young woman replied, "I'm more valuable in Mexico." 

Twisted ideology. Her self-worth had become so tied to a dollar amount for her body, she couldn't hear the expression of value for her soul.

Many young women and men are emotionally bruised and battered because from a young age they've been immersed in the lies of our culture. Emotionally abusive parents may tell them they're worthless. Easy access to abortions communicates the silent message that life is cheap. These lies mix with a deluge of music videos that objectify women and glamorize prostitution. Movies and television oversexualize girls and boys from a young age.

To perform on demand, young actors (like the young woman headed for the field) must embrace the lies of those who hold their futures. It's what's expected if you want to succeed. For there to be any hope of ending human trafficking, the entertainment sphere of society needs transformation. That requires individuals to value the truth enough to speak out against the lies and stand up for ideals that run counter to pop culture. People like blogger Cap Stewart with the courage to make a difference. Those making music videos, games, films, and television programs can promote the reality--that each girl and boy is precious no matter where they are, whatever they look like, however they've been raised. They don't need to take their clothes off for the highest bidder. Rather they have minds to develop and character to cherish and can even become positive role models. 

Connecting people who work in various spheres like entertainment is an important aspect of the Transform LA/Transform USA/Transform World movement.  Please leave a comment (just click on "no comments") if you'd like to get involved and we'll do our best to connect you with others who are like-minded. By getting involved maybe you can help keep a young woman from heading into a field or even to Mexico.

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  1. Thanks, Patti, for keeping this "hidden-under-our-nose" need visible. God's grace be multiplied to your efforts and all laboring for rescue and the eradication of trafficking.