Thursday, June 5, 2014

Wanted: A Dog's Life

Some dogs have it pretty good. Quite often I see pics of puppies that need adopting on Facebook and in large measure it seems as though people step in to give these sweet creatures a home. Some of my friends even work in shelters making sure these animals are given proper care and a loving forever family.

Sadly most, of the 147 million orphans around the globe don't have it so good. In the United States, girls from foster homes are the prime target for gangs. As girls run away or age out of the system, they usually don't have any way to support themselves. This combined with the reality that gang members are rapidly turning to human trafficking because they can make more money from these vulnerable kids than they can from drugs, makes our nation a breeding grounds for modern-day slavery. Opal Singleton, President and CEO of Million Kids has a message that should motivate all of us to get involved in our communities to protect these children.

The problem is so overwhelming that county governments in Southern California are asking for faith-based organizations to get involved. If battered and abused animals break our hearts, shouldn't Christians be even more inclined to reach out to children whose bodies are being sold over and over again? Kids who are raped, beaten, and convinced no one cares need to know Jesus loves them and  they are far more valuable than a family pet.

We can't all bring these kids into our homes, but we can all do something. Education is the place to start. Please watch Opal's message and consider ways you might help.

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