Monday, January 19, 2015

Life Matters

"Life's most persistent and urgent question is, 'What are you doing for others?'"
Martin Luther King

For some of us this holiday (Martin Luther King Day) is a lazy day. We can sleep in, spend time catching up at home or visiting with friends. For others it's work as usual. 

For me, it's a work day and yet my work this past couple of weeks has been related to someone who has spent his life doing for others. He's a Korean pastor who takes care of "the least of these." While writing an article about his story, I was given the great privilege of attending a special screening of the film, The Dropbox. It's a documentary to be released nationwide on March 3-5 only. And, it's about the value of every life.

Not many of us could do what Pastor Lee Jong-rak in Seoul, South Korea does. He cares for "the least of these," disabled, disfigured babies abandoned by their mothers. But all of us can spend time doing something. 

January is not only National Human Trafficking Prevention Month, it also is the month designated to celebrate the sanctity of human life. In 1984, Ronald Reagan proclaimed the 3rd Sunday in January as National Sanctity of Life Sunday and some churches still honor that. As Christians we should all be aware of it and ask ourselves what do we do to promote the sanctity of human life. 

Pastor Lee's work demonstrates the value of each life in such ways that young girls at risk can see they are not throw-away kids, even if they might feel that way. If someone cares, if someone values broken lives, someone somewhere might value them. 

So Martin Luther King's question is for us all. What are we doing for others? People who can do nothing in return for us. Isn't that what Jesus did and aren't we supposed to reflect Him to a hurting world? Maybe today is the day to think about it and put together an action plan.

If you haven't ever attended a human trafficking-awareness event, you might find out what's happening in your area this month. For those in the Inland Empire, Traffick Free Pomona is showing "In Plain Sight" this Friday, January 23. Please join us for ideas about how you can make a difference in the lives of others.

Note: My article about Pastor Lee will appear in the spring issue of Life:Beautiful magazine available at Barnes and Noble.

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