Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Human Trafficking, Rescuing Victims

Awareness. Prayer. 68 victims rescued. Nearly 600 pimps and would-be sex buyers arrested. Sometimes the news isn't all bad. Sometimes it brings hope.

And, that's the case today. ABC7 News in Denver reported on a nationwide sex sting where 570 arrests were made over a two-week period starting on January 15th and ending on Super Bowl Sunday.

The Los Angeles Times also reported on this 17-state collaborative effort to rescue girls forced into prostitution. The article said that: “Sex trafficking continues to destroy countless lives, and this broad national movement should send a strong message to prospective johns that their 'hobby' is much more than a 'victimless' crime,”

The language has changed, and now maybe the tide will too. At one of  Traffick Free Pomona's 
first human trafficking "awareness nights," the police detectives still spoke of the girls being trafficked as though they were criminals. Now the police and the media have it right. The girls are "victims." The johns are "perpetrators" and their activity will be prosecuted. It goes without saying that those pimps who get convicted will go to jail or more likely prison for a very long time.

And you can make a difference. Police spokesman Sonny Jackson told the Denver Post when speaking about the arrests made in their area that:"we consider it a quality-of-life issue. ... It is usually complaint-driven, where people are complaining about activity in their neighborhood."

Do you know what's happening in your neighborhood? Or how to recognize a human trafficking victim? They are all around us and being informed is one way to make a difference.

If you've never been to a human trafficking event and live in the Inland Empire, please join Traffick Free Pomona this Thursday, Feb. 5th at 7:00 p.m. We're meeting at PFB Purpose Church, Room H104, 586 N. Main Street, Pomona, CA. Learn what is human trafficking? Where it's happening. And, how you can help abolish slavery.

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