Friday, March 20, 2015

Fighting Human Trafficking With Only A Few Minutes of Your Time

At the "Ensure Justice" conference, attendees were encouraged to commit to taking 10 minutes, 10 hours, or 10 days worth of time to fight human trafficking.

So much is happening for me this next few weeks that time for writing blog posts is going to be almost impossible to find. But it's worth taking 10 minutes today to highlight a couple of important resources.

The first is an article about celebrities recognizing and speaking out about the problems with porn. 5 Celebrities that Hate Porn on "Fight the New Drug" speaks volume. Especially if you liked 50 Shades of Grey and consider it harmless in the privacy of your own home--please read this excellent post.

The second is about a powerful abolitionist resource. If you've wanted to learn more about human trafficking but are short on time, podcasts can turn drive time into a valuable time of educating yourself. It's taken me awhile to start listening to The "Ending Human Trafficking"  podcast from the Global Center for Women and Justice at Vanguard University, and I'm sorry I didn't start much sooner. They are a treasure trove of information that is helping me realize how much I didn't know. Whether you've been an abolitionist for years or are just starting to learn about the problems, this free subscription can help you get informed and take a stand against human trafficking.

Maybe your 10 minutes could include reading the article, subscribing to the podcasts, and sharing this post with your friends so they'll be more informed. Even if that takes a little more than 10 minutes--it might rescue a victim and wouldn't that be worth it?

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