Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Human Trafficking: Political Concerns

If Donald Trump actually captures the Republican presidential nomination, I will likely change my political party affiliation to Independent. The answer to the reasons why should be obvious--Trump's great disrespect for any one who dares disagree with him, his derogatory remarks about women, his complete lack of diplomacy skills, and his arrogance. I can't imagine the Republican party putting up with his nonsense much longer.

From my perspective, I believe this tycoon/gamer would even admit he'll do whatever it takes to win. His core values are disturbing, especially when it comes to the greedy cultural climate so conducive human trafficking. It takes a courageous leader with great insight and compassion to fight the foundational issues of modern-day slavery, whether at our country's borders or in our poorest neighborhoods.

The recent Planned Parenthood videos (along with their determination to abort human babies no matter how viable they are) demonstrate how far we've fallen as a society, a society that encourages throw-away girls and boys to be sold like commodities rather than put forth the efforts necessary to stop it. (Consider how many people read 50 Shades of Grey or saw the movie if you want to argue that point. There's no denying we've actually turned disgusting bondage sex into entertainment.)

More than ever we need a presidential candidate who can be trusted to genuinely value human life from conception to the grave. Trump said today he'd continue funding the "good" parts of Planned Parenthood . (Are there really any good parts? Through Obamacare don't all women have access to healthcare? And if I understand right, Planned Parenthood doesn't even perform mammograms.) Planned Parenthood kills viable babies (with no regard for the pain they feel) and then sells their body parts--this is not just fetal issue--human kidneys, livers, and so forth. What does that say about us as a people?  

Consider for a moment the implications of this disgusting violation of the most innocent victims. First and foremost how can girls, who are being trafficked at 10, 11, 12+ years of age be considered valuable, when a baby girl can be killed in a late-term abortion upon the whim of her mother? In addition, how can a little boy be considered precious when his body parts could have been sold prior to birth? Worst of all, if body parts can be trafficked by Planned Parenthood, then why shouldn't a poor person traffick those of their own children in this culture of greed? See where this logically leads? In all cases, it's the poor minorities who suffer the most. And, I don't believe that's something Donald Trump has any clue about.

That's why this election must be about core values, integrity, and ethics. Those values actually unite people in ways that will fight modern-day slavery because the rights of every human being should be respected regardless of their stage of life or status. Respect for every human being unites those of all ages, faiths, ethnic, and socioeconomic groups instead of dividing them. And that's what will create a climate where modern-day slavery becomes unthinkable.

How do I know? Because yesterday I met a treasured friend for lunch. Kristi and I see things through different perspectives. She's much younger, biracial, and tends toward being a liberal. I'm older, white, and tend to be more conservative. We met at a justice conference a couple of years ago where she likely cheered the speakers, and I was far more skeptical. Exercising caution we began exploring each others viewpoints. With respect for one another's ideas, we've explored such issues as poverty, the Iran nuclear deal, racial tension and so forth in ways that work toward solutions.

The current political leaders in both parties have worked toward dividing this country far more than uniting it. They are so busy castigating each other that nothing gets done. First and foremost, to fight trafficking we need to work together centered on an approach that values people--all people. That's one of the main things I'll look for in a presidential candidate. Who shows respect for others? Donald Trump's language is derogatory and divisive. So is Hilary Clinton's. To me, neither of them have the ability to change the social climate where human trafficking thrives. What do you think? Who will best keep your children and grandchildren safe? I'd love to know.