Wednesday, January 20, 2016

A Civil Rights Movement for Modern-Day Slaves

"Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter."  Martin Luther King, Jr., said that, and it's as timely today as when he led the civil rights movement from 1950 until he was assassinated in 1968. .

  Last Saturday a lot of people did not stay silent. At the L.A. Freedom Walk co-sponsored by CAST and CARE 18 on Wilshire Blvd., hundreds made noise about the reality that no human being should be for sale. The sexual exploitation of children is as abhorrent as any form of slavery ever has been and it must stop. The only way to decrease the number of victims is to decrease the demand. And that is going to take more than a morning's effort. More than a day commemorating a great civil rights leader. And more than a month raising awareness about human trafficking. 

It's going to take men, women, and children living lifestyles that do everything possible to fight modern-day slavery, every day. We're starting to see that happen with men and women teaching their sons respect for girls. And their daughters how to respect themselves. It's building desire among young adults for genuine intimacy rather than promoting casual sex without meaning. It's people adopting throw-away kids out of our foster care system and treating them as the precious children they are. (How proud I am to know families and single people actually doing this.) Together we can make enough noise to abolish human trafficking and restore dignity and human rights to its survivors. Some of these courageous women led the way for those of us who care about their dignity and future.

Numerous men came and took a stand against trafficking demonstrating to young boys and guys on the street that they have a responsibility to value girls and do what they can to keep them from being victimized.

Children are never to young to start caring about what's happening in their community.

Let's keep the momentum going. In the coming weeks these blog posts will include basic information that will help you get educated as to how to identify those at risk and those already ensnared by traffickers. It will include simple ways for you to make a difference. Please help us keep making noise all year long.

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